Sunday, February 11, 2007


Dad is us the chocolate cake....The boys love to do things with Ralph. Today at lunch they came up with the idea that I should leave for a week so they could have Boy's Week. They do 'Boy's Night' when I go away in the evening EVERY ONCE in awhile. This usually means sausage for dinner and not many vegetables, building with their legos until bedtime and then all falling asleep in our bed until I get home. They have even started to compose a song that goes something like, best night of the week, mama's gone to la la. So the Boy's Week suggestion came up and they didn't think it would be sad if there was nobody here when they got home from school, or anyone to take care of them. So it looks like I have been made redundant. Anybody need a mom? Or actually I can think of one or two things I might like to do if I had one week to myself. I am sure I wouldn't think of them at all...the first hour....sigh. A stack of books (chosen by me of course) and a warm beach with nobody on it except that person who is bringing me a fruity drink and then disappearing. Maybe a girlfriend or two so we can talk about our husbands and kids...anybody interested in coming along?

Recent projects

This is the armoire that Ralph was sanding outside the other day. It is now in our 'stairs room' as pantry storage space. This gives a little idea of where the spiral stairs go up to the first floor. Just beyond the white Liam gate is the kitchen. Right now we are working on Hannes and Dylan's room. The ceiling was very dark, making the whole room dark so we are painting it and the walls. I guess this is the before pic. The after will hopefully follow soon!


The boys all love to make music. Today's music was Ralph and Liam on the piano, Hannes on the drums and Dylan on the air guitar.