Sunday, September 28, 2008

Surprise guests!

Raph and Kayla, 5 months today
the desserts
Tiana Jaxlyn


Surprise guests are the best kind! We had a fun afternoon/evening with some friends from around here..a beautiful chocolate cake and a fruit tiramisu kept all of the bellies satisfied. It is nice to have some good friends. I think I will keep having birthdays and getting older after all.

birthday Sunday

After a wonderful brunch prepared by the boys, we are all full and happy, it is beautiful and sunny out...what more could we want or need. My presents this year were some great drawings done by local artists (very local, like in-house) and some of my own clothes packaged and wrapped up and a few other things. Mostly I am happy to be alive, to have a loving family and health. The paver project is mostly finished, just a few more details to wrap up. It looks great and I will take a pic or two when we get it all done and cleaned up. Wish you could be here to share in all these fun things with us.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

September's almost gone...

I got an attack of the conscience or whatever you call it today when I saw on someone else's blog that I updated my blog 3 months ago....argh!!! So here is a brief post...I won't go over what we have been up to in the last three months, too long and actually pretty interesting but no time now. Here is our most recent project, an awesome re-do of our messy, muddy, grassy parking area next to the house. It has been taken on by a very generous person, won't give his name out here for fear that you will all want to invite him to stay with you and help you tackle your project list!! He mentioned some previous experience laying pavers so we figured that it wouldn't do for him to be bored so he started right away. It is getting cold here so I guess that means that winter is coming up...I am kind of looking forward to getting out the hats and gloves, tights and turkey. Looking forward to lots of snow and some chances to build snowmen!