Sunday, April 8, 2007

the end

And so ends my mad blogging hour....this is to make up for no signs of life lately. As you can see, we were gone and slightly occupied. Off to bed for me.

A brand new room

We finally got the carpet in for the boy's room. We have been working on this project for probably close to two months now and it is finally nearing the finish line. We put the carpet in on Saturday, which turned out to be mottled blue, not solid blue like I ordered...but since we had to wait almost a month for the carpet, I decided that I loved mottled instead. Right. Anyway, we put it in and it looks great. Here a pic of the old style and the new from the same vantage point.

Chalkboard paint

just before the carpet went down

Mottled blue. Argh. I mean Yippee!

Hannes turns 7

One more birthday bash..the last one for awhile thankfully. Hannes is 7 years old. Since we had just been to Legoland, I had some fresh inspiration for a cake. Whew.

Deutschland or Bust!

We recently took a trip to Germany. Our main goal was to catch up with our good buddy Uwe, who is in the eastern part of Germany right now. We also got to meet some of his friends and see some interesting places. On our way back home we stopped by Legoland. We all had a lot of fun as there are great things to do for kids and adults of all ages.

The birthday bash!

Last year I was too chicken to have a birthday party for the boys because I couldn't speak much of the language. One year later, my french is far from perfect but I felt up to the task of communicating with 5-7 year olds successfully. Since the boys' birthdays are close together, we decided to celebrate them together and get it all over with at once! It was quite a fun day, actually only two hours worth of birthday party but hours of getting ready! The boys loved having their friends over and it was nice to get to know the other kids in their class. They are a surprisingly nice bunch of kids! I have even more respect for their teachers after spending two hours with them though.

A visit from friends

A visit from two very popular kids at our house....they helped us to get ready for the big birthday bash that we had the next day!