Monday, February 21, 2011

Little drummer boys

We have been given a drum set and the boys are pretty excited, as most kids would be! We have already broken one drumstick so you can imagine how LOUD this all is! They are having a great time with we just need an electric guitar and a lead singer and we're off. The key word is a vocabulary word from Dylan's list this week-assourdisant (something that could make you deaf) fitting, don't you reckon?!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Grandma VDB

A twinkle in her eye, flour on her apron, pulling a fresh pie out of the oven, a dress in a pastel blue with small flowers (matching belt of course), a red bathrobe in the morning and her hair still half rolled on the sides and hanging down her back, the way she lifted her elbows out to the sides, kind of like a hen fluffing her wings...these are the things I am remembering right now as I think of my grandma who just passed away a few hours ago. I was watching our email to see if there was any news of her but it was a message on our answering machine that gave us the news. I feel sad about not knowing her better, about not being very good about calling or writing. It's too late for that now and I am glad she didn't have to wait any longer in her condition.
So tonight I got out the apples, the flour, sugar and cinnamon just so that I could smell that apple pie smell and think of her. She was a good woman, stepping back so others could step forward, nurturing and loving, spunky and good. The last time I saw her she apologized when I said that baking was in my blood and I tended to feel like sinking up to my elbows in a bowl of pungent bread dough when I felt blue, that it was like therapy for me. Her apology was directed toward the extra pounds that tend to accompany the love of baking but I can only be glad that she taught me (if indirectly) something that gives me great satisfaction. Go, Grandma, and be at peace.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Alinya turns 2

We celebrated our baby's second birthday today. The day sped by and now it's drawing to a close. The kids are all abed and it seems quiet, parents yawning and thinking about bed too! It was funny to see Alinya more interested in wrapping paper and chocolates stuck to her envelopes than the actual presents (for the moment). I think she'll wait until she's alone to enjoy her gifts, which were all very fun. Kitchen and kitchen set from us and Nani and The Kammermann's, the old bassinet from Kim and how did you know that she was into tractors Julie? A book from Hanny and a few more odds and ends.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

Hannes leaves for ski camp

no broken bones but orange hair..not a bad trade! Dylan had a great week and we were very happy to see him again!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Liam in action

Something's hiding in the cupboard

This has been the latest fun for the two of them...thx Jewels for the cute clothes for Alinya!

Ode to Caroline

You can peek at our blog's great to know that you're out there and I could be a much better friend too, you know. Wish I was better at writing or calling. (Caroline is a beautiful, warm lady that I connected with many years ago in a far away place who has just written a letter admitting to checking our blog often, but never leaving a comment:) Think she must not be the only one out there doing the same thing) You have an adorable little grandson now and it looks like your children are happy and leading interesting lives. I'm glad for you! Stop by these pages anytime! Love from us.