Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We had a VIP here for a few days...our newphew M. He is a very fun kid and he loves soccer which fits right in with the males in the family. I have never been able to get into it so I am somewhat of an outcast around here. The Euro 2008 is coming up this summer and Switzerland is one of the hosts, along with Austria and EVERYTHING has a soccer ball on it. He has vacation right now so he decided to spend a day in the office with Ralph to see whether an office job would suit him. It was nice weather off and on so we spent most of our time outside. We all camped out in the boys room last night and nobody got much sleep but it was fun. I lasted until the snoring drove me out and I had already thrown my last available object at Ralph. (I was on the top bunk and he was on the floor. ) Thanks to goofy Aunt Lisa for the 'staches!! The find of the day was an entire play structure that we found at the local dump. We will sand on it here and there and then try to put it back together. What a hoot.

big boy

Hopefully this is going to turn into something serious soon, but for now, it is just about getting used to the potty seat and choosing what to read while you go about it. Funny boy.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


all right, I am getting a little bummed here. No comments, again?! I am not the best commenter BUT COME ON! I need a little encouragement pleeeezzzzeeeee

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kaioa turns 2

Dylan going down the tower

We had a cool experience the other day! When we got to our picnic spot with some of our friends, there was a guy there with ropes and stuff, helping people rapel, rappel, rapell? down this old tower. The boys got to do it and they loved it.

Hannes Tower

Hannes was the first to try it out...here he is up in the window. Liam in the meadow.

These pictures are a little mixed up. The first ones are of a little trip the boys and I took into town one Saturday when Ralph was working. It was just a short trip, but we don't ride the train very often and it was great fun. The others are some leftover birthday shots and one of the picnic we had at the tower with a little bbq and our friends.

general events

I didn't manage to post the birthdays. We have an 8 yr old and a 6 yr old now. Mom and dad were here for Dylan's birthday but gone for her and Hannes' shared birthday of April 5th. We are embracing spring finally and have been out in the warm sunshine as much as possible. I am busy getting ready for our summer event and that means getting all of my mess put away. A serious spring cleaning is in my very immediate future. We will have some visitors this summer, some of my Idaho cousins and who knows who else might just show up on our doorstep! Will it be you? Let it be YOU!! Oops, put the same image on twice.

Cooperative subjects (!)

A few pics of our growing boys and their parents. Amazing to have a few shots turn out when you least expect it...on a Sunday, still dressed up, after having sat more or less quietly for one hour. Here you are.