Friday, August 27, 2010

Liam begins école enfantine

We had three children leaving this house on Monday morn for school. Liam was VERY excited and so were we. I almost wanted to start again as his classroom was so inviting..but then I went home and it was beautifully quiet!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

We had to have a family picture for Liam (who starts kindergarten tomorrow) so this is the best we could come up with. What a Calvin front and center.

Our last Saturday of vacation was spent watching two soccer tournaments (at the same place and time for once!) and then cleaning up around home. You can guess who enjoyed which part more....

Another fun afternoon at the Krebs. Ralph put some soap on the trampoline and with a little water from the hose it turned into an awesome time! Complete with a little gokart and they didn't want to go home. Of course they claimed to not need a shower that night due to lots of soap and water already that day.....

We had our annual company fun a few weeks ago. We spent a night at Iseltwald, one of my favorite little spots in Switzerland that I have already blogged about before. It is a small hotel and we could put Alinya to bed during dinner and enjoy the rest of the evening as she was right above where we were sitting and we had the monitor....that said, it was a really nice relaxing afternoon and evening. Switzerland is not really equipped to accomodate more than two children with their parents in one room so we had three rooms total(Heidi and Markus R were with us too) Ralph ended up in the room just above us with Liam and Hannes. At about two in the morning, I heard a suspicious sound from above so sent Ralph a text message...sure enough, poor Liam had caught the stomach flu that seems to be taking us out one by one. The rest of us enjoyed a big breakfast the next morning but little pale Liam sat it out in front of the Sat am cartoons in the room :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Here u go grandma, the long awaited video of little Alinya walking on her own.....and for all of the other Alinya fans out there too!
We took a lunch boat on Tuesday with our extended family! Only Aschi was missing from the crowd. The weather cooperated with our outing and it was an hour and a half of pure beauty. The town of Murten is showing off in the background (where Ralph has his office) and on the other side of the lake are the vineyards of Mount Vully.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

This afternoon we took off down to the river, walking down and riding up. On our way we saw these very cute sunflowers that someone altered with a great deal of good humor. Or is it genetically altered seed that produces only happy sunflowers? Does the sad faced one need a good plant psychotherapist? We also saw a baby mouse, eyes still stuck shut, erring around on the road. Some in our group wanted to immediately adopt this sad little creature but mom nixed that idea on the spot but I did agree to get a leaf and move it out of harm's way. The kids were adamant (spelling looks weird, too lazy to look it up)about no way no how being able to walk down to the river and then riding back up in the bus. Amazing how they did it in the end and with absolutely no complaining or slowing down. It was even declared 'fun' by all.

Friday evening bonfire

Swiss style smores made with Kambly cookies and swiss chocolate instead of hershey's....