Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nina starts back to playschool

outside of her building

checking out passing cars, holding the obligatory pair of slippers for in the classroom

her cheesy fake grin

a little concerned about the situation...
Alinya started back to school today too.  She has been talking about it all summer so was very happy to go!  Then we got there and she had a different teacher than we were expecting and she got very clingy.  I was thinking there might be tears or refusal to stay but I said a brief goodbye, slipped out and then was gone. When I came back at 12, she was happy to see me but had also had a great time. I will be taking twin girls with us on the same day that are from our same town and will start kindergarden with Alinya next year.  Her mom and I will trade off carting kids to school.  Otherwise things around here are good, we are back in the sleep rhythm as of last night when I finally took drastic measures and knocked myself out with some help from the medicine cabinet and slept past 2am for the first time in days.  Right thru till 5:30! Ahhh.  Dylan had a soccer game last night so we were home kind of late.  It is cooler here, feeling more like fall than summer.  No frost on the pumpkin yet but it is feeling chilly in the morning. 

A year from now I will be accompanying child number 4 to kindergarden and that will mean 4 free mornings for me....what a strange thought.  I might have to take up knitting or something! 

Monday, August 27, 2012

school begins

After getting home and discovering that my memory stick that I thought was full of pix from our
vacation was actually empty, I am skipping over some of our trip and return home to present to you the first day of school!

the big fourth graders

Liam and his best buddy Alexis

Alexis' mom, Violetta

on his way into the classroom
Don't really know why these pictures turned out blurry.....

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Special company

a couch full of kids

liquid gold from the Leen ranch

My aunt Carol making waffles

listening to a record

this is a hilarious shot, it looks like Carol is telling Alinya, "your mommy has a baby in her tummy" no, we are not expecting number 5:)

Alinya wasn't so sure about 'Nerv's dad' as she called him

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mini reunion

We took a flying trip up to Washington for a mini and maxi family reunion.  It was fun to see those present.  We said goodbye to Sharon today in Portland and we were all sorry to see her go back home.  We sure hope she doesn't take any extra pounds back after all of the american food we made her sample.  I think we made two meals while she was here and ate out the rest of the time:( It was sure fun and sooo tasty!  Last night was a hamburger place called five guys and the vegetarian girl ate not one but two hamburgers and declared it the best she'd had!  Go meat! We love you Sharon!!


Horse and fleas

couldn't have been closer!

Mare and Liam through the home motor window

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Visit to Great Gma and El Mirador

A quick visit to Great Grandma's place after dinner at El Mirador.  Sharon gets a veggie fajita, mom and Dylan shared a chicken fajita, I got my usual and the others got beans, rice and tortillas.  We are packing to head up to Olympia for the night and day.  There will be a mini family reunion too.  We are trying to get everybody out of bed and into the motorhome so they can get to sleep again!
my fave, the burrito relleno

the group

dos tacos

homemade tortillas

Alinya on Grt Gma's walker

The only way we could get everybody in

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sharon's room

Nina and Milah cozying on the tramp

Sharon journaling outside

our rig with the motorhome in the bkground

mom's new shed

Maren and Mr. Potato Head