Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010


Alinya got some very cute leggy things today all the way from Canada...thanks Elann!
I discovered a nice big fat greasy fingerprint on the camera lens (which I have since cleaned off!) so bear with the sort of foggy look that all of these shots have!

We spent the weekend in Eguisheim, just over the swiss border into France. It is a very picturesque village in the vineyards of the Alsace region. They weren't into harvest too heavily yet but we did see some grapes in big plastic buckets being taken to the co-op. It is mostly just a pretty place to be and one of our favorite little haunts. This time we shared it with Rain. We also spent some time with some old friends, Bernard and Christine, plus saw Judith and Dorien, an unexpected bonus. Bernard and Christine have successfully tackled a daunting renovation project and their place is in a beautiful and peaceful location.


My wandering cousin Rain came to visit us for a few days. She has been travelling through some different areas of the globe and stopped in on her way through. We had a few kid free hours and did a walk along Lac Leman in the vineyards. We hadn't seen each other for about 27 years so we had a thing or two to talk about.

Maria's birthday lunch

We celebrated a grand lady's birthday a few weeks ago. The cousins had a great time together and so did us parents. They always groan about the annual family photo but it is a nice memory!