Friday, June 1, 2007


Almost finished! We are nearing the end of the house project...we are loving the color and it will be done just in time for summer and our summer activities! I will post more when all of the scaffolding is down.

a fun Sunday

a german family

Sunday we spent some time with some awesome people in a beautiful place. It was a very wet, miserable day and we met some of our friends in a cabin in the mountains. There was enough decent weather for us to take a little hike.

long time no write

My life is going by at the speed of......three very active boys. I endeavor to keep up but most days I am happy if the laundry got put away let alone the boys kept up with. I must say it is more fun when the days speed by then if they drag. I am feeling slightly guilty as Ralph is outside working in the barn and I am keeping the fire going in here with the additional excuse that we have a boy over for the weekend and I want to be in here if he needs me. Since they are all asleep, I could technically go help him but I guess I will just watch him from my aquarium window. Let's see, my program today was....7 am wake up and long stretch before being pounced on by two boys, breakfast and getting dressed and then going to the school by 8:10 to get on the bus and then go to rhythm with the boys for my 'visit the school day'. Return to the school and bring in the snack I made (chocolate chip cookies) and have them guess the ingredients of the cookies: farine, bicarbonate de sodium, oefs, sucre, chocolat, sucre, sel, sucre brun et vanille. Then to the store to get ingredients for stew as we had a few people coming for lunch and get it in the oven in time for the meat to get tender. Go get the boys at school and finish setting the table for 8, feed Liam his lunch and put him to bed. Walk to the bus stop to get the visitors, serve stew. Enjoy the rest of the afternoon together, showing property and chatting. To the train station at extra boy stays here for the weekend, pancakes for dinner, clean up, put four boys to bed...come downstairs and veg with the computer in front of the husband work.