Monday, January 31, 2011

Ski camp

Dylan left for ski camp this morning. He was really happy and excited to go and it looks like they'll have great weather and hopefully some snow. His good buddy Stephane will be in the same room with him. He's the one in most of the pictures, red jacket.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Our local ice rink is open to the public on Wednesdays for a few hours. We met Julie and co there this week. Hope to get some more action shots next time!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A few shots of our lovely grey weather and busy kids. Thanks Jewels for the swimming suit...Alinya insisted on having it on for most of the afternoon! Liam's sweatshirt is something for all of our family/friends in Idaho...gotta balance out the BSU stuff somehow. Just happy for whatever brings smiles around here lately..Alinya has been sick with a cold so nights have been not exactly restful:( Hoping for better times just around the corner. It looks like some good faries are coming to give me a day off tomorrow so nothing to complain about!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sometimes you look back on a situation and you just have to slap your forehead and say, 'how could I have been so dumb?' I had one of those moments yesterday after an incident which could be labelled as more or less ALL MY FAULT. No major injuries were sustained, just a little excitement at the Meyer circus. Whew.

I was helping one of the boys get ready to go back to school after lunch (yes, our children come home at lunch, aren't we lucky:) Don't know what would happen if our little darlings couldn't connect with mom for a few hours in the middle of the day as well as taste her delicious home cookin') I was namely snaping some jeans when I realized that the waistband was way too tight anyway, the knees were completely ripped out and so in great Grandpa JR Sloan style, I said, you can't wear these pants anymore, they are too small, plus they have a big rip here--and proceeded to rip the pants right in half. Growing boy, embarrassed at having been forced to show his (following word to be said in a classic Barb Rowland whisper) undies, screams (and this is where I made my mistake in evaluating my son) in what I took to be hilarity, but was actually rage. He proceeds to say, so now I'll rip yours and the chase is on. Mom, getting older in years (a grand 38), realizes the need for speed and runs, also screaming (but with glee) around the kitchen. I took refuge in the bathroom and just managed to close, ok, slam and lock the door before he got me. What happend next was a surprise for us both as his hands both came right through the glass window in the door, completely shattering it. I expected him to basically come up with two lacerated appendages but lucky for us both, he only had a few small cuts, which we bandaged up before sending him off to school a little pale. Alinya however, was inconsolable and had to be fed dark chocolate (her fave) to appease her. And to be truthful, I had a piece or two myself. All's well that ends well!

bathroom renovation II

One more donut picture and then the start of our bathroom rip out! The tearing out is always fun and we'll learn a lot on the way I'm sure. The boys are always very enthusiastic about the ripping out part.


All of the sudden I can't remember if I already put these in or not. Bad memory. Oh well, I am too lazy to go look now. A donut making exercise-fun and fattening. This was our new year's eve entertainment. We made way too many but they were the best ones we have managed to make so far (out of three tries).

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


It was a boys skiing day, Manuel, Hannes, Dylan and Ralph in the mountains...they had beautiful weather as u can see. I enjoyed the day without them:)