Thursday, January 18, 2007

ok, that was too easy

After several comments from friends (YOU NEED A BLOG), I decided to at least look into blogging myself. After only about 10 minutes of minimal effort on my part, I now have a blog. I will not make any promises to be entertaining, witty or intelligent. Or to blog a lot. I do tend to take a lot of pictures of our mundane daily lives, and so now I can publish them to a broader audience and share our activities better. After years of living in neutral europe, my english is not what it once was. Please try to ignore any blatent mistakes, feel free to advise me on current trends in the language or even correct what looks obviously wrong. I love language but admit to having parital use of four and mastering none. Argh. Will try photos a little later.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

See? Pretty easy. Call Con at home if you need pointers on how to post pictures.

Feel free to post in any language--we'll be impressed with your versatility, even if we don't understand...