Friday, June 6, 2008


Cookie making on a rainy Friday


Mommabelle said...

Yummy! Mmm...I made brownies yesterday for no good reason!

Boone, Gina and Abigail said...

Yeah Cookie Dough! Your boys are getting so big. Things here are good in this part of the world.

Justin said...

Thanks for saying hello. I found your family blog too last year thanks to Greg and Amy and peruse it now and then to catch up with your life. I have fond memories of our visit years ago. Times have sure changed based on the photos I see now :) Your household seems a bit more active! Maybe someday I will get back again. Hopefully when our dollar does a bit better over there! Tell Ralph Hello. I wonder if he still has that gray Citroen? Good days.

lenaya said...

Hi, I keep checking thinking you'll have a new post. I'd like to send a few pics your way. Wonder if I can give you my e-mail here and then have you delete the comment after getting it?... Lenaya

Dim and Jana said...

Hey Heidi,
Thanks for your comment this morning on our blog. We are going to leave the cardboard and are just deciding what to do with the rest... maybe a deep brick red on the bottom of the front--same as the front door? Maybe a dark, dark brown? Decisions.
These decisions seem so important, and then I think of Christina L. nearing the end of life and then they don't seem so important. I can deal with cardboard.
Thanks for offering to clean for me--wish you could! My mom is actually coming to stay for about 3 weeks and that is just as good. I can be the cleaning fairy and she can be the kid fairy!
Miss you guys!!!