Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Baking season is upon us

We are looking for alternative forms of entertainment to outside activities these days as WINTER is here. It has just been hovering around freezing but then there is a breeze too and it goes through all layers of clothing and chills to the bone. Brrr. This afternoon we baked bread and played a few more rounds of Take it Easy, our new game. It has been fun to play with the boys and although it says for age 10+, we all play and even the youngest player has been known to smoke the rest of us. We are looking forward to Thanksgiving, which will do on Saturday with a few other families. I am to bring rolls, chestnuts and sauce and an apple pie. So more baking will be happening these next few days.


Shirley said...

Looks like we will get snow here in Ouray today. Scott, Sten and Milah left early this am for Telluride. Scott to ski and theSten and Milah to snowboard. We will go to John and Janene's (the folks will be there too)around 2:30 for dessert and then down to Marly and Ken's for more dessert and to see Jan/Morrie, Rich/Elaine, Jeanne/Joe.
Thinking of you.

Kim said...

Can you explain the game? Sounds interesting...!!!

lenaya said...

You must be feeling better. I'm sure it's good to be up and doing things. I'd love a bite of that bread right now- Yum!