Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My first videos

I finally figured out how to post a video, with the help of a friend...it wasn't even that hard! The boys were having fun outside in the snow (actually, they were sent out in the snow against their will and are enjoying it so much that they refuse to come in now) and I thought I'd try to video them and then post it. So the following two are my first effort, you can hear me talking on the phone in the background to Kim. I will try to do that differently next time. I think I will have fun with this. The quality of the video is not all that great. The exciting news of the day is that mom is coming over to be with us when the baby is born. Dad has chosen to stay where things are a little more quiet and where there is not so much talk about babies and diapers etc. Maybe we will have to post a screaming baby video so he can get in on the fun. Today is the first day we have seen the sun for about two weeks so it is WONDERFUL!

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