Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wow, didn't really mean to make all of my faithful readers (now I know who you are at least!) cry, or feel sorry for me. It felt good to write and I should do it more often. I guess there are times when feelings surface more than others and sometimes it surprises even us. I am not unhappy here, in fact, I am surprised at how comfortable I am in my world and how satisfied I feel. I think part of it is just getting older and more comfortable with myself. I am also extremely busy and that is good for me. Thanks extrem4 for bringing up some of your California experiences. We were especially glad to know about your experience with the curtains. Watch out for Shirley Jean's next visit.


con or heidi said...

I didn't feel sorry for you -- I felt ... a loss of words over the whole thing: how our kids' childhoods aren't ever the same as ours (and how that feels like a loss sometimes and a miracle other times); how quickly life moves; how well you've found a place.

Just things like that. I'm glad you wrote it!

the Nichols said...

Hey- Got your post. So no, no travel to Switz this spring. We are in talks right now with my parents about a trip after Boring 2 convention, which would be sept 7th-ish. I will keep you in the loop on what we nail down. I'm really hoping it works out! Would be great to meet your family.

Gary VDB said...

Howdy guys - havent looked at your blog in a while - you do a nice job with it - photos and all - we are fine here in Spokane - we see Carol and Gred and the gkids often and were at Paul and Lisa's recently - they have two kids now Kaiya 3 and Jake 9 months. all for now love Gary and Cathy VDB