Sunday, February 14, 2010

Giswil ski week

Our winter ski week is over and it was a fun one again. Hannes had just had a week's ski camp with school so he was a hard act to follow for a few days. We had a little chalet in the mtns (no, the 70's decor is not at our house, thx very much) tons of snow and a few nice quiet evenings lazing around with books (and maybe a few cartoons). Dani and MH joined us the last night and woke up looking a little worse for wear. We didn't give them much of a chance to pretty up before the shot. At least we can say this was the before and not the after pose. We'll have to do lots of nice things in return for posting this one!


CabinFever said...

'Bout time you made it home - looks like you had a great time. We're a little envious of all the fluffy white stuff - we've had plenty of the drippy wet stuff.

Jewels said...

Happy Birthday Alinya! Looks like you had a grand time in the snow. Glad you're back again and hope to see you soon.

Elann said...

Dude - don't lie the 70's decor is SO your house!

Laura said...

I love those pics! I like the one in which your child is kind of eating snow. haha, it is ironic, as if there was so much snow that they were literally eating it! And the little baby looks really cute sitting on the table ready to eat. These family weekend at the snowy cities are the best. I had a maxi week in las leñas like this when we travelled to Argentina. It was fantastic and our children made a lot of Argentinean friends, who by the way, loved to play and ski.