Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Squeeze your thumb for Milah!

Milah is running for School Secretary and the votes will be cast today! In German, instead of saying we'll cross our fingers for someone, we say that we'll squeeze our thumb for good luck...just thought you might appreciate learning that bizarre and useless tidbit of info. So we'll keep our thumbs crossed (hardy har har har) for her today:)


CabinFever said...

Ok Heidi, Milah speaking - I don't think you should have posted those pictures on this blog of yours. By the way, squeezing your thumbs must really work because I am the new secretary - maybe I'll wear that get-up to my first student counsel meeting.

wendy said...

sorry we didn't get to see you much here. glad you're safely home after the passport fiasco!
what's a good month to come so i can start hyping myself up!! :)