Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The last few days have been a respite from the pigging out we did the first few days of vacation (but maybe not quite so fun and gluttonous:) We spent Friday night at Kim and Aschi's and enjoyed a beautiful dinner and dessert and then stayed the night as our stomachs never would have fit in the car...Saturday found us with a big breakfast again and then late lunch at Ralph's mom's place. Saturday night we made our way home in the snow and then had a turkey lunch on Sunday with some old friends. It was very cold and beautiful and we braved the minus temperatures to go outside with the sleds for awhile. Monday was a clean up day and an outing to find some material for another bathroom renovation. Today the boys have friends over and I am enjoying a quiet moment in front of the fire. I haven't had too much time to call family or friends but have been thinking about you all.


? said...
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elann said...

ahhhh... deeeelightful! xoxox