Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hey. Happy Day all you moms. My heart especially goes out to some special friends of mine who no longer have the possibility to call their mom up and say hey mom, happy day. But exactly THOSE moms who left too early did an excellent job in instilling some great stuff in their kids and would be SO proud to see them as they are, also moms (and dads) of the first order. I love you guys.
Tucking my furious four in tonight, I felt a great happiness and thankfulness for my job, never boring, sometimes frustrating but always challenging and rewarding.


shirleyjean said...

Happy Heart memories. Glad you can share them with everyone that looks at your blog near and far. Hello everyone!

Julie Cobb said...

Hi Heidi,my name is Julie Cobb, I enjoy your blog, puts smiles on my face! I am good friends with someone that I think you know .... Elann McChesney! She was just here for the weekend and we had a BLAST, went shopping, ate WAY too much, stayed up too late, and all the rest, was a GREAT weekend all around. I wanted to tell you that I LOVE the picture of your little dolly with the sign attached to her clothes!!! I laughed right out loud!!!! Would be wonderful to meet you some day!!! Take care! Love from Brooks, Alberta CANADA!!!

elann said...

My name is Elann and I am a good friend of yours and Miss Julie's too. I just spent a fun weekend with my bashful friend. We made and ATE nidlahooH(phlegm)ahh - yum! I think we are on to something. Just a note of interest though: she does not bring coffee to my bedside in the morning - slacker.