Tuesday, September 6, 2011

corn dogs, or puppies, or frogs or lizzards

I love fair food. This is not a question of nutrition. It's a question of tradition. Lately a lot of people have mentioned going to the fair and that makes me think of funnel cakes, elephant ears and of course, corn dogs. We can't buy corn dogs here. To be honest, if we could, I probably wouldn't eat more than two or three per year. But....since we can't get them and I have been wanting one, we made some today. It was a first try, but honestly, they weren't too appealing. It looked like the dogs really had legs and they split open and filled with oil. Next time I need to make the batter thicker and cook it longer. They all disappeared within a short period of time in spite of being less than perfect specimens.


shirleyjean said...

Yep a little funny looking but it looks like the kids didn't care.
Nice Legs Ralph!

CabinFever said...

Those look NASTY! Corn dogs are one of Scott's favorite quick mart foods. He used to get them 3/$1.00 - gag a maggot (to borrow one of Dad's phrases).

elann said...

I can relate. However, my missed thing that I never usually eat was dill pickle chips.
PS I think they look great. Miss you! xoxox