Thursday, October 27, 2011

The lastest news just in from France.

Yes, they really do grow lavender in rows here! I always wondered what that looked like...unfortunately all of the plants have bloomed out now, and are neatly trimmed back. I was glad to see that they trim them just how I do and they seem to be growing in very poor, rocky soil, similar to mine too! The days have been a mixture of sun and rain, indoor and outdoor activities. Right now the sun is shining so the boys are going to go play tennis for a few hours this afternoon. Alinya is napping and Maria is upstairs reading a book. Yesterday was our only beautiful, sunny, clear sky day so far and we were out checking out the gorges around here. There are also a lot of beautiful old villages to see. You COULD spend days taking in all of the sights but our travelling partners' interest is limited...not to mention their patience:) Thankfully there are a lot of things to do right here in front of our nose that are very fun. The big thing to do here is float the river but it is definately too late unless you are equipped with the right gear..waterproof stuff. We've had fun anyway, and we have discovered yet another place to come back to. There was a market here today and it was full of interesting things to eat, wear and smell. The street was closed so we had a relaxing hour checking out what the french eat! There were some things that I have never seen before, let alone eaten. The bakeries are delish...not enough time in the day to eat all of the things that tempt us:) A real weight watchers vacation...wish you were here. Well, maybe not all of you since I don't really even know who lurks around on this blog...maybe you don't brush your teeth often or something. Or wear deoderant--peee-uuuu. Or maybe you just take a french shower. Hee Hee.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I am one of those who "lurk around" on your page ;)

by the way, you said you are "checking out what the french eat! There were some things that I have never seen before, let alone eaten." what kind of food was new for you?

have a wonderful holiday!!

elann said...

I use North American hand sanitizer - so there! That in itself makes me too clean for you. In saying that, I still like your stinky self and I would love to be frolicking in France with you all, gaining weight one delicious pastry at a time.

Lenaya said...

Ahh- love it!! Sounds like a wonderful place to be right now! I'm wishing for a pain au chocolat, but I suppose I would only have to travel to Switzerland to get one of those. =)