Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Ralph spraying the beds....a surprising choice of color! You guessed it...ORANGE!
We were removing some old posts and Liam liked the holes they left.

Hannes Potter found these glasses in the dirt. One man's junk.....

It has been awhile since we showed signs of life on this blog. Things have been busy again with painting and digging in the dirt. We had a great week of warm spring weather and this week the newspaper shows snow every day. Strange. Anyway, the days are full and animated, boys eating, sleeping, playing, fighting and growing. I just try to keep them in food, clothes and love. Not always in that order, but usually. Dylan was sick one night this week and after throwing up about four times in a few hours, there was nothing left to throw up but his stomach didn't want to believe it. After one trip to the loo, he stood there in his spongebob pj's, looking very pale and shaky and said 'mommy, I think I might be a little bit sick.' It was so funny. He has since forgotten all about it and didn't pass it on to any of us. Whew.


blogmom said...

I'm also experiencing a bit of a love affair with orange lately.

Saw the cutest kid quote that will go with your photos. Boy: noun- A noise with dirt on it.

swissmiss said...

Yes, that is very appropriate these days! Don't know what I would do with a girl...probably try to make a tomboy out of her!