Monday, March 5, 2007

A week in the snow (and rain)

TV Eyes
This was at the Verkehrshaus, a transportation museum in Lucerne. One of our rainy day plans.

No, Eugene was not with us, but we got stuck anyway. The snowplow driver was happy to give us a tug.

Snow bunny
Old fashioned VDB music makerssleeping loftSimon, Eric and Jael

Hannes with the train set at his Ralph's cousins' place. Their dad is a train engineer. Hannes

Our chalet at dusk
Keeping hold of Dylan Barbara, chief cook I have been gone from this site for a we are back and reality has already hit! It was a beautiful Monday and the boys were both excited to go back to school so what more could I want?! We visited a pretty place called Axalp, where we were able to ski for two out of the seven days we were there. We shared a chalet with some of our good friends, Ralf and Barbara and their three kids, Simon, Jael and Eric. There was a sleeping loft upstairs for the 5 older kids and Liam slept in a little room off of ours. Axalp isn't high enough to have missed out on the unusual late winter rains, so we had a little rain to contend with. We had some bad weather alternative plans though, and it worked out well. Hannes and Simon are pretty much done with the kids slopes. Dylan, Jael and Eric are still needing a little more time on them but made lots of progress. Ralph fashioned a rubber strap to keep Dylan from disappearing down the hill too quickly.


Left Coast Sister said...

I miss you!! Keep the pictures coming! Maybe one of these days our kids'll know each other and play! (maybe just Liam, I guess!!) The transportation museum looks fabulous!

swissmiss said...

Miss you too! I guess I won't be seeing you at MR this year, boys in school. I was thinking about taking a quick trip home with Liam but we decided to do a few family things here instead. Wish the continents weren't so far apart. Argh. The transport museum is awesome...lots of hands on for the kids. There are a lot of nice things to do here you know....we'd love to have you visit!

prrrof said...

So happy to have you back on! Love all the pics and news. The picture of Dylan by the water is really, really nice--one to enlarge and hang somewhere. Miss you!