Sunday, January 13, 2008

A summary of life since August

Doing the haka..our last eveing with the Extrem4

Do these two belong together or what?!

Collin, Con and Heidi

The boys with their christmas jammies

The New Year's Eve table full Conrad cutting naan
The two hides, together again

How could it have been AUGUST when I last posted? I certainly love reading your posts and checking out pictures of you and yours so I had better get myself going again doing this. The end of the summer came quickly, we tried to finish sanding and repainting some windows which continued until it got too cold outside to leave the windows open and for the paint to dry. September saw us through the first days back to school and then a few days in Austria for a breather. It was beautiful there and we realized again how fortunate we are to live so close to beautiful and interesting places to visit. But the reality is that we spend most of our time working and going to school so these places are pretty much reserved for vacation times for us. October slipped into November and the cold is here, not much snow yet. We had a December full of company, that was great. Jeanne and Tessa D came, then Con and Heidi and kids and we even had a surprise visit from Collin for a few days. There were a lot of sick people around here, stomach flu and a bad cold flu hit just in time for the holidays so we didn't spend as much time with the Idaho folk as we wanted to. Just after the new year, we had several emails from people asking about coming this summer so that gives us some fun things to look forward to.


lenaya said...

I wish we could come and visit. Seeing your pictures of a place we once were, and people we once knew makes me "home-sick" for your country there. Good days, I think of you all often. Lenaya

swissmiss said...

Hey Lenaya!

It is great to see a sign of life from you! Come over and visit if you are missing I can sympathize with tackling the french language!

prrrof said...

btw, thanks so much for posting the flattering pics of us--so lovely :)

alleykat said...

hi! It's fun to keep up on your blog from time to time! Thanks for sharing pics of my old friends from California days! I hope to see them when I go home next year.