Sunday, October 5, 2008

another birthday weekend

It was Ralph's turn this weekend, he was gone all day Saturday which was the day, so we celebrated it by going to the local motorcross. It was held just about 3 minutes' walk from our house so that wasn't too long of a trip. When he got home it was present time, which the boys enjoyed too. Today we had a few of our friends stay for an appetizer and then they went home and the boys went out to play while I got to prepare lunch in PEACE (wasn't last wknd my birthday?!)
Yesterday snow appeared on the foothills so winter is just around the corner.


Jewels said...

Happy birthday Ralph! I was trying to guess what the gifts might be...a new motocross helmet? :-) It is birthday season at your house. We look forward to celebrating Liam's on Wednesday!

Elann said...

birthdays???!!! happy birthday to both! i wish i was there to join in the fun. (looks like i found your blog) HUGS