Sunday, December 28, 2008

christmas guests

We have been having too much fun to take time out for our blog...since everyone took off for Gruyere today and Liam and I stayed here to have a snooze, I have a few minutes to post. Grant and Leanne arrived here on Christmas Eve and we have been enjoying their company since that moment. They rented a motor home and are traveling around and braving the cold to soak up as much as they can during their time over here. Their perfect, sunny Brisbane weather sounds too good to us and we can't really understand why in the world they would be so excited about skiing, sledding, iceskating and sightseeing in this bitter cold! Leanne at the piano, playing some good old Waltzing Matilda...
The boys and their ongoing comic fest

Kaydon and Sheldon


Kim and Zoé



Scott and Florence, Chantal, Kailee, Emily and Rhyan

Steve and Allie, Emma and Liam

Kid's table

Grant reading a Phantom to the boys


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