Sunday, December 14, 2008

Liam's Potty Train

When Hannes was a little boy, to encourage him to get interested in life without diapers, we told him that we would take him for a ride on the train as soon as he was potty trained. Three potty trained boys later, this special event has somehow been christened "The Potty Train". And it makes sense really, a train ride as a reward for being potty trained now being called the potty train. So Saturday Ralph and the boys took the train up the hill from our town to a mountain town where we go sledding sometimes. There was also a visit to the music box museum which they said was really interesting. One thing Liam was looking forward to was going potty on the train and was very disappointed that this particular train had no potty. Mom got to spend the afternoon shopping alone in town. Bummer!


Jewels said...

What a great idea! Hats off to Liam!

Kim said...

I love it!!! Hoped you survived your shopping day!