Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More birthdays!

Ralph's birthday was on Sunday, and he requested a relaxing day and that is how it turned out. We had lunch and then played for awhile after opening presents and then went for a long walk in the beautiful fall weather. The boys rode their bikes over the whole motocross circuit and then we came home and ate dessert for dinner. What a day! The motocross is two Saturdays and next Sat I will try to get some pictures. It is cool to have it right down the road from our house. We are going to meet Kim at the lake today (not for swimming though, it's too cold!) so maybe I can get a few pix of them too.


shirleyjean said...

Great pictures of Dad and his boys. So glad for your blog!

r.a.d.e tarves said...

..A Happy Birthday to you Ralph! Love the 'dessert for dinner' thing! Must remember that for my birthday!:)

Like the pics of Dad and his boys too! Won't be long and they'll be bigger than Dad!!

Elann said...

so along with a relaxing day did dad also request it to be an orange day too?? :) glad i called on the right birthday day! miss you!