Tuesday, September 18, 2012


soup for 30

Nic selects her favorite cheeses
Raph and Julie

one of our last outdoor evenings?
just enough camping for Alexandre, notice his little table:)

boys watching a combine

looks like fall....

borrowed harvest from the neighbors!
Sunday after our union mtg, we had the younger crowd over for pumpkin soup. Boy was it good and fun too.  No pics of the desserts as they were top secret.  No secret however, were our bulging stomachs as we headed for bed!  Thanks to all of you cool people. 


Jewels said...

No thanks to YOU, my dear for hosting the fabulous pumpkin soup party complete with fun and unique deco (the old 2 cheveaux):-)! T'was a great way to end the day and enjoy the sunny evening. Did I hear something about a crêpe party next?! ;-)

CabinFever said...

That is picture perfect - love the cheese tray in the trunk. Best we can do is leftovers out of a Buck's truck!