Monday, October 1, 2012

40 is not so bad after all!

Our view from the Château de la Tour
The old haunt from our early europe days

pretty much all their fault

an Oregon girl with her toes in the Mediterranean Sea

Our kidnappers

Ralph wishing he could be out on that big cruise ship in the harbour (yeah right)

la palm d'or, Cannes

boys being boys

Aschi getting a french haircut. The lady wasn't too happy looking but ended up being nice, giving Ernesto a great cut and giving us a great restaurant tip for that evening. She was sorry to report that she wouldn't be able to do much for Ralph's hair, announcing that it was just too late:)

fish market, beauiful, smelly and loud
There is nothing quite like getting away from the old four walls.  And when there is a special event involved, like turning 40, it's especially fun to do something unique.  My unique thing involved a big surprise, a road trip, croissants and capuccino, a winding road through quaint villages, a grandma willing to take over kid duty, routes revisited and an old haunt rediscovered.  Cannes holds a lot of memories for me and that is where we ended up, with our bare feet in the sand and palms blowing in the breeze.  A lot of laughing, eating, walking and talking was also part of this too quick weekend.  Nothing like being treated like a queen to make you feel like one:)

The Regates Royales was on, a ton of old, beautiful sail boats in the harbor at Cannes and then sailing during the day.

Goodbye magical place and thank you to those who helped make it happen by taking care of the kids; Nani, Sharon and Heidi and Markus! We love you and appreciate you and what you do for us! Love H


CabinFever said...

Amazing! That was a great adventure and Kim is genius for dreaming up that one. Already saw it on the newstands over here - you know Americans love to see celebrities in Cannes. Did you see the paparazi hiding in the bushes snapping photots? Happy Birthday - Love You!

Jewels said...

Looks positively blissful! Yeah for good friends!

Dim and Jana said...

Happy Birthday Heidi! Your weekend looks like it was wonderful!! :-)

shirleyjean said...

No motorcycle pictures yet?

Lenaya said...

Oh my word! We here in the US are dripping with jealousy. ;) Awesome trip!