Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dylan has lost his two front teeth and you can see the new teeth pushing in already! It will make him look older...waahhh!

Damaris and her new kitchen help!

Ralph and the monkeys in the tree picking cherries.


shirleyjean said...

It looks like there is lots of action around your house. I can enter in!
Went to the coast to dig clams and not one to be found? Have you ever in your life not seen 1 hole to did a clam? I just ordered 3 lbs online today. It sounded like Seaside is the place to dig clams. She said they brought in 800 lbs today. Sister coming from Gold Beach tomorrow to Salem for the weekend. Foot surgery on Friday for me. Love to you all

CabinFever said...

Wonder if the tooth fairy is an international icon or if she is native to the US? Hope Dylan got some cold hard cash under his pillow - so much for corn on the cob this summer

Elann said...

will i get to see Damaris too??!!!
(i'm bringing oreos - for your deprived children)

CabinFever said...

Scott's wondering if those white legs have seen any sun recently? Nice legs Ralph! SDW

Elann said...

those are legs.... YIKES!!! i thought they were two bolts of white lighting!!!