Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rob and Nicole

The kids inside taking a break with the books, Thomas on the floor

We had our pre preps trimming day here yesterday and now everything looks groomed and beautiful. There are 4 boys in addition to our 3 and we also had Kim and her kids here. It was a fun, productive day as always! This week marks our 4th year here. The crowning event was a ride in the 2CV..full of boys hollering and screaming.

The after

Hanni with Mateo and Nolan

Tatjana and Bernard, Hanni & Pierre's son




Kaioa and Liam

Alinya and Tiana

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Elann said...

pre-preps eh?? how is that front flower garden that i slaved over four years ago??? it better be a vision of green when i arrive. :D