Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend in Lenk

We spent a long weekend in Lenk in a rented apartment in this chalet. We had the middle floor, the one with the tiny balcony on the right side. It was perfect for a few days stay and we did a lot of fun things as well as just relaxing and doing nothing. I think there is a fingerprint on the camera lens, hence the sort of hazy looking pix. It was Alinya's first time to leave our house for an overnighter and she did fine. She even bounced her way down half of a mountain side in the stroller without sustaining a concussion.

Looking down on Lenk from the gondola.

The view out of the living room window

same again

We stopped to visit our old neighbors on the way home

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Jewels said...

Looks like fun!
That 10 min chat at the Migros brightened my day, thanks! :-)