Monday, November 30, 2009

London is a good place to turn 40!

This weekend was very exciting for a few of us! It was Kim's 40th and we decided that it would be fun to surprise her with a weekend away. Aschi organized the childcare and we got all of the tickets a few months ago. So in the wee hours of the morning on Friday, we took of for their house. Our flight left from Basel around 7am so we had to get going pretty early. Kim and Aschi were saying goodbye to Heidi R., who was going to keep their kids for the weekend when we walked in and began to sing 'happy birthday to you' quietly. She was well and truly surprised. A quick easyjet flight took us to London and we had a great weekend. We came home Sunday night and all had gone well with the kids. We had Alinya with us and she did really well, on and off of buses, tube, trains and plane, smiling at everyone she met. We got in some good food, good shopping but mostly just being together, good old friends enjoying each other's company. We spent some time with some great people who live in London and who are fantastic hosts...they actually babysat Alinya Friday night while we went out on the town. Hearing english was so nice, esp Sunday morn. Our experience with those special people gave London a heart. We did forget our cameras so these are all taken on the iPhone.


Mommabelle said...

Did you find the Krispy Kreme in London! Ha! Glad you had fun!

Elann said...

oh what fun! please pass on my birthday greetings to Kim! xox