Tuesday, November 17, 2009

To vacinate or not to vacinate?

Ok, I am in a bit of a quandry here. Do I get the kids vacinated aginst the H1N1 virus or not? So far I have decided not to, but I change my mind about 30 times a day whether I am doing the right thing or not. Am I being an irresponsible parent by not doing it? There are so many good arguements for both sides. Alinya is 9 months old now and she is still getting mom's special antibodies so do I need to worry? Who has vacinated and who hasn't and what are your reasons behind it? I NEED to know. My pediatrician, who is definately not an alarmist, has left it up to us. Not much help there...but what it does tell me is that he does not think it is absolutely necessary. My mom is pretty sure she has the virus and has been fairly miserable for several days now. Can I be sure my kids won't get it if I vacinate or is there still a chance they could get it anyway?


Mommabelle said...

I came across these blog posts about H1N1 a few weeks back.



Growininwillows said...

Same dilema here...I can't even get the regular flu shot right now for Justin...they don't have it...H1N1...just not sure. My dr says we should all get it...since Clayton is so little...It isn't even available here yet, so I guess we don't need to decide yet...who knows what is right...what is best for the kids. ? ? ?

CabinFever said...

We have been hit hard in this area and when I was wavering, one lady told me that if I could see her daughter I would run to the nearest clinic. She had 104 temp for several days and was miserable. Two of the elementary schools in this district each had 80 kids out with the flu.

My feeling is that we should be sequestered for months - no one is allowed to leave and no one is allowed to visit. We will have our groceries flown in and dropped in the front yard. Well, all of this would work for about two days and then we would die from driving each other mad.

Who knows? The thing that haunted me was the stories of the kids that have died and their parent's regrets for not vaccinating them.

Hearts For Homeschooling said...

Hi Heidi, You asked so I'll share my two bits - research, research, research - get a list of ingredients in the vaccines and research them to find out their purpose and side effects. Thermosil is mercury, proven to have long-term, terrible effects on humans. Squalene is an immune system adjuvant which causes the immune system to over-react so the manufacturer doesn't have to put in as much of the virus. Squalene can cause autoimmune disorders because the immune system goes into hyper mode and begins attacking itself. It is believed this is the cause of Gulf War Syndrome that US vets came home with. It was in their vaccinations and is reported that there is way more of it in H1N1 than any previous vaccine. Infertility... There are real people out there whose lives are forever changed by dystonia and other disorders or death because of vaccinations. You can watch this on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mh5F5wP8RdU and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUB5QBbEbI4&NR=1 Other readings are What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations by Stephanie Cave. The people I know who have had H1N1 were sick, yes, but not as bad as the government has hyped this up to be, none requiring the care of a physician or the ER. It has been proven that high doses of vitamin C will boost a person's immune system to fight off the H1N1 virus. I vote NO!! Myra~

Audrey said...

Hi there
this is very personal. here you have my opinion.
Personaly I don't vaccinate my kids. Unless someone in your family suffers from an autoimmune or other disease, I don't think it is necessary to vaccinate .
Yes, you can get really sick with the "grippe", but it will also build your auto-immune system (and your kids!), and really, any grippe will make you feel aweful.
that's my opinion. I am definitely very scared of all the stuff in the vaccine and the long-term side effects they cause.
the choice is yours and thats good. if your doctor is not pushy, you're lucky. follow his advice! he "cannot" advise you not to do it, he'd be out of business.
Take care!

r.a.d.e tarves said...

Oh Heidi... Know just how you feel. We don't know what to do either. We've never vaccinated for the flu in the past, and so far it hasn't been too serious in our neck of the woods, so we probably won't.. But it's frustrating! Half the people you talk to say 'Yes' and the other half say 'No'!! (and they all have good reasons...!)

Aleta said...

Dear Heidi,
I know you must really be agonizing about this, but remember it is "the flu" with a special name. I had it, too, and it does make you miserable, just like the regular flu. A healthy immune system is the best defense. Still, it is scary when your kids are little and in the end, as the mom,you have to make the decision. Big help, huh?! Getting sick does educate your immune system! Love ya, Aleta

Dawnelle said...

Hi Heidi,

From all the research me and my hubby have done, Vitamin D3 is probably a way better defense than the vaccine and is a good all round defense against everything! If you and your family haven't been taking it, it seems that 2000IU for adults is a good start. I'm not sure about your boys, but probably between 1000-1600? Alinya should be getting 800IU according to what the pediatrician here told us. We've decided to stick with Vitamin D and avoid the vaccine for now. Aidan's too young to get it anyway and he and I aren't out that much....

Good luck.....
Leanne :)