Sunday, August 1, 2010

July is already over?!

Dylan in the conv kitchen helping with the porridge...he started at 6am!

It happened in a I have a whole month of pix to post! Our summer has been packed so far and we are enjoying every minute of it...the nights could be a little longer but we might miss something so I guess we will just keep going like this! Conv is over and all fo the tents are put away. Everything went very well and we are really loving our gathering and feeling more 'at home' here every year. This marks our five year anniversary and also the amount of time I allowed myself to become fluent in French. There could still be some progress but I am feeling very comfortable in the language and it seems like most people understand what I want to say! So why did they give me mustard the other day in the pharmacy when I asked for hemmorhoid cream? Ha, just kidding.


the Nichols said...

Wish we could come back and see you!

shirleyjean said...

Hmm kind of like getting tea instead of Butter? At Leukerbad. How many years ago was that. Not knowing German? Love all the pictures. So glad I can enter into to all there.

CabinFever said...

The picture just above the words took me by surprise - at a quick glance, the lady looks like Old Gma VDB

lenaya said...

I absolutely loved seeing all these pictures!!!! So many we remember, and then Demaris was just here recently too... seems hard to believe there's such a distance between here and there!