Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Whew, finally caught up! These pictures were all provided by my canadian friend Elann. Elann has a new camera and can do some really cool things with it. I esp love the ones where she can choose a color to highlight and make the rest of the picture black and white. Most of all I love Elann and I am glad she is my friend! She has visited us two summers in a row now and I am pretty sure she will come back for a third. Man would those swiss guys get a clue?! She brought us a lot of books and even read several of them aloud to a captive audience of children.

We did a lot of fun stuff while she was here and one of those things was get ourselves invited to a fun birthday party in a beautiful setting.


CabinFever said...

Love the snarly one of Miss Alinya and the adorable one of the two of you.

Kim said...

Loved these pictures....! And even more..loved being with you at your home. Thanks for all

lenaya said...

I bet those sister workers couldn't get enough of sweet little Alinya!

Elann said...

elann is grinning from ear to ear and chuckling to herself. She wonders if she needs to pay her dear fun friend Heidi for her remarks?! ;)

now that we are done extolling the virtues of the so called elann, let me tell you about who has made my list of top moms in this world: Supermama Heidi! (seriously folks)

miss you chica bella - miss your monkeys - miss the morning coffee delivered to my bed wake up calls (yikes!! did I say that out loud??!! now everyone is going to want to visit!)
xooxoxoxxo merci buckets!!!

@lenaya - none of us could get enough of Miss Alinya!!