Sunday, August 8, 2010

This afternoon we took off down to the river, walking down and riding up. On our way we saw these very cute sunflowers that someone altered with a great deal of good humor. Or is it genetically altered seed that produces only happy sunflowers? Does the sad faced one need a good plant psychotherapist? We also saw a baby mouse, eyes still stuck shut, erring around on the road. Some in our group wanted to immediately adopt this sad little creature but mom nixed that idea on the spot but I did agree to get a leaf and move it out of harm's way. The kids were adamant (spelling looks weird, too lazy to look it up)about no way no how being able to walk down to the river and then riding back up in the bus. Amazing how they did it in the end and with absolutely no complaining or slowing down. It was even declared 'fun' by all.

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Elann said...

I think I could probably name the head of the adoption agency.... the same cutie that offered Oreos to the injured????