Monday, January 16, 2012

ski camp

Dylan left for ski camp this week. He will be gone until Friday and I think the dynamics in our family will totally change. I think his brothers will be surprised at how much they miss him and I am pretty sure he has left a gaping hole in MY heart and life. Our funny boy is growing up...he was much more calm this morning, responsible about what he had to take with and that he had it all organized on time. This morning a very grumpy little girl has agreed to keep me company. Her name is Alinya. She is usually not so grumpy but today seems to be an exception. I am already looking forward to Dylan coming back and telling us how it was...they have a week of excellent weather and snow conditions ahead. The girl in the turquoise is our Monday girl, Timea, whom Alinya loves. I have not yet figured out how to turn the pictures around on our camera...mes excuses.

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Heidi said...

Nice for Dylan -- sure he's enjoying his ski camp! It's finally cold enough to ski here.