Monday, January 16, 2012

We hung the shutters on the chalet on Saturday. They are exceedingly bright, which will feel good on a winter's day and keep people feeling energized during the afternoon mtg at conv! There is just a little misc cleaning to do before our renters arrive on Thursday. Hopefully with a little bit of power shopping on Friday, they will be able to use their newly refurbished abode. We're really happy with the way it all turned out, even though it is pretty much what we have been doing since May! The yard will be next so we will be attacking that as soon as it warms up enough to plant grass. There are front and back doors coming next week and the balcony railing needs some magic wand work still. I'll be showing the place to the people who sold it to us today. I am sure it will evoke memories of their auntie who owned the place. Just to make sure there were no serious night noises (or ghosts) in the house, we slept there Friday and Saturday nights. It was fun but all is back to normal and we have a boy leaving for ski camp today. We got a bunch of kiss cookies ready (heart cookies here as we don't have hershey's products but do have some really yummy chocolate hearts) and a big bag packed and he's ready to go. Just has to eat breakfast and get on the bus. Happy Monday!


Jewels said...

LOVE the way the chalet turned out! The shutters make the place!
Sorry we couldn't help out on Fri...we're still trying to get better here :-(

CabinFever said...

Our kids are insanely jealous that Dylan gets to go to ski school for a week. Alinya's buddy is going to be gone. Enjoy the break in laundry.

Lisa said...

I love the picture of Alinya in the bright skirt and scarf, so cute!