Friday, February 6, 2009

Grandma is here!

Here is Grandma getting some loving from Tiana. Kim and the kids were here today and I got a very long luxurious back rub from Kim, it felt wonderful! She brought us some food for the freezer, flowers and of course the unavoidable, delicious and traditional afternoon tea!

Thanks so much Amy for the adorable care package that arrived today...burp cloths, nursing cover, toothbrushes and it looks like someone still believes that this might just be pink and not blue! We are anxious to find out too! I have a Dr.'s appt on Mon so we hope we can cancel that on account of the birth having already taken place!

Liam getting a foot massage from Grandma...I was next! Boy, all of this spoiling is easy to get used to.

A round of UNO or two.


blogmom said...

Glad you got it. Hope you can use all or most of it anyway! Isn't it great to have moms and friends to spoil us?

venomouskittens said...

hi heidi. just came across your blog - didn't realize that little #4 was coming so soon! glad you have lots of loving help and that you'll soon be in the 'pink'! :)
love, wendy

Jeanne said...

We are also watching and waiting! Seeing your mom there....warms my heart! Sorry to say I haven't been very good at doing my keeping her mom company. These pictures make me want to come back and see you!!
Come on baby....everyone is waiting......mmmm...must be a girl...wanting to make a grand entrance!! SMILE.
Love, Jeanne D