Thursday, February 19, 2009

Here are a few shots of our first day at home and the way home from the hospital...A really cute little minnie mouse sign was waiting for us, announcing the name of this little girl to the surrounding neighbors. Alinya slept pretty well her first night and so did I once I finally stopped listening for every little peep. Hope tonight goes just as well. She woke up three times last night but went right back to sleep after feeding. The boys love her and I have to keep a pretty good eye on their involvement with her at this point. I forgot to turn this first one, sorry and now I am too tired to turn it! nighty night! I tried to upload a video and it was taking forever and I am too tired to mess with it so maybe tomorrow.


blogmom said...

Alinya looks REALLY alert. I guess she'll have to stay on her toes with all those big brothers. Is she a little jaundiced too? Who painted the neat sign? I like all the blog changes. It makes me baby-crazy to see all these cute photos :)

Jeanne said...

Wowie ......she is sooo CUTE! I wish I could come over and give her a big squeeze. Also would love to see the boys. Having big brothers to look out for her is going to be really interesting growing up!!

lenaya said...

So very cute. I love that first picture at the top of your post. I seem to remember your mom having a drawer full of girl clothes. I'm glad you'll have a reason to use some of them now!

Wolters & Co said...

Congratulations to you Heidi (& Ralph).. good work. Welcome little Alinya! You look adorable & sure you're going to get spoilt with lots of attention from your big brothers.
We'll be in touch.. enjoy every moment, as time flies
Take care,
Love, Frank, LaVonne, Moana & Macy

Jewels said...

Looks like pink is in! The blog has changed to match the newest addition :-) Love the sign...was that one of Ralph's creations?
Talk to you soon.