Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ok, here are the latest little shots of our family and goings on...Ralph is not home tonight so it was my first whole day with all FOUR of my rugrats. They were pretty good and are all in bed asleep. It makes me feel like I should be in bed too but I wanted to post. Alinya is doing really well, sleeping a lot and looks a lot less yellow these days. The boys have adjusted to grandma being gone and have fallen back into their school routine. In short, life is good. We are enjoying some spring weather and feels wonderful on the old face and of course on the psyche. Do LOVE spring. Miss you all and wish we could sit down and chat. Thank you Boise for the great box with entertainment for the boys plus adorable clothes for Alinya! I should have been sending you a present for YOUR birthday! The torso in plaster was done by Kim just before Alinya was born. It is fun to look at it and see how big the old belly was. I am enjoying her on the outside of the belly now! It's more comfortable like this.

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prrrof said...

I hope the black and white is okay--I thought it was too funny and loved the matching tights. what a hoot. I love finding cool boys' clothes but girls' clothes are millions of times cooler--and so much fun to accessorize! :) miss you.