Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mini reunion

We took a flying trip up to Washington for a mini and maxi family reunion.  It was fun to see those present.  We said goodbye to Sharon today in Portland and we were all sorry to see her go back home.  We sure hope she doesn't take any extra pounds back after all of the american food we made her sample.  I think we made two meals while she was here and ate out the rest of the time:( It was sure fun and sooo tasty!  Last night was a hamburger place called five guys and the vegetarian girl ate not one but two hamburgers and declared it the best she'd had!  Go meat! We love you Sharon!!


Horse and fleas

couldn't have been closer!

Mare and Liam through the home motor window


amydee said...

Thanks for sharing photos! How we wish we could have joined you on at least one of these adventures!!

Jewels said...

WOW! Looks like a fun packed holiday. Good food, good company, good times! I look forward to seeing you :-)