Thursday, August 2, 2012


We've been here for a week already and yet so much has happened! Most of all, the cousins are having a great time together and so are the rest of us.  We arrived on Wednesday and went to Mexican food on our way home, or tried to, as Alinya was not feeling good and forced us to reconsider....Then onto K Falls to see dad, where we stayed until Tuesday.  Bend and Sisters next and then Sweet Home.  Sorry, Bend for not stopping...too many rowdy kids needing some activity which was provided in the way of the hotel pool! We are travelling as a party of 9, a grand number which also includes my swiss neice, Sharon! It has been great to have her along and show her my 'other half' and to introduce her to some of my favorite corners of the globe. The quads are getting a workout now! Everybody slept outside last night to the light of the blue moon.  We were hoping for some coyotes to howl but it didn't happen.  They finally settled down aound midnight I think and then we did the same.  It's the beach next, then a few days at Olympia before Sharon heads home.  I think she'll be back:) I'll try to get some pix going.  Be patient....

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