Sunday, August 5, 2012

Various and sundries


wild ride

Dylan and Milah

Morning Hair
Sisters hotel in the Sugar Pines

cousins around the wagon

Liam finally found a big enuf box of ciniminis
I am finally at a place where I can post some pix so here is a mixture of our doings the last little while.  We have had beautiful weather and the kids are having a great time together.  Hannes and Milah chose to stay in Sweet Home and help pump toilets and fill up toilet paper at big event.  Last night we watched the sunset from our deck and saw some whales spouting but didn't see the whales.  It was a beautiful beach afternoon evening which was preceeded by a walk down memory lane, going via Peoria Rd farm country, the Courthouse in Corvallis, Burger King, where I had my first job, Reeser stadium in Corvallis, Gill, Philomath High School, our house out Cardwell Hill and then Newport. It is always fun to share memories with the kids and this time I had Sharon too to share things with. She has been awesome to have along, she spends time playing with the kids and helps out too. She loves everything we do and it's so nice to introduce her to all of these new things.  She loves to take shots of trucks, signs and highways.  So far we have tried out A&W, Dairy Queen, Taco Bell, Carl's Jr., Red Robin as well as the Sno Cap in Sisters:) Hopefully we won't take too many extra pounds home with us....we're trying to eat some blueberries and even skip a meal here and there but there's so much to eat and so little time)::

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